Michael Jordan has lived a life of contrasts. His NBA career is among the greatest of all time. His business empire is ubiquitous with basketball and fashion. He’s also lived to see the tragic murder of his father as well as the redemption of his brand manager, who also once killed a man.

In 1993, Daniel Demery and Daniel Green brutally murdered Jordan’s father, James Jordan. The pair were both convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

CNN is now reporting that Green’s request to become a free man has been denied. Demery was granted parole by the North Carolina Parole Commission in 2020.

Jordan spoke about his close relationship with his father in the 2020 ESPN documentary The Last Dance. The show became a sensation as the world faced a lack of new content during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jordan was as candid as he has ever been in his interviews for the series.

“He was my rock, we were very close. He constantly gave advice,”

James Jordan was sleeping in his car on July 23, 1993 while sleeping in his car. Demery and Green were preparing to rob a motel when they changed their target after noticing Jordan’s expensive car.

After the pair began to look through his possessions, they realized that they’d killed Michael Jordan’s father. The two then dumped the body in a swamp and used his vehicle to pick up dates.

Michael Jordan is one of the NBA’s all-time most popular players. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.

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