Squid Game is a popular Netflix show from South Korea that has become a pop culture phenomenon at this point. In the show, people suffering from crippling debt take part in dangerous kids’ games to win money that they could use to pay off their debts. Naturally, the internet started churning out memes and French Montana isn’t a huge fan of one of those pieces of digital art.

A person on Twitter posted a Squid Game meme challenging their followers to name five French Montana songs without any features on them. The tweet is sitting on 14,000 likes with around 2,000 responses, making jokes about Montana’s apparent lack of solo songs. Many users joked that they’re going to “die” from being unable to complete the Squid Game challenge, as they can’t name a single song by French Montana that doesn’t have a feature.

French Montana didn’t really take the joke well. He replied to the original tweet with a list of songs that the rapper claims had no features on them. Unfortunately, he mistakenly ended up including Shot Caller which does feature Charlie Rock on the track. Montana got blasted even further for not taking the joke.

“You literally the only one in the world who can do this. Your family members would even struggle,” said one user in response. “not a soul on this earth outside of yourself knows any of these songs,” quipped another, with the reply reaching thousands of likes.


French Montana should have really just sat this one down, as he got further made fun of in the comments. Would you have been able to remember these songs if the question was actually asked in Squid Game?

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Rayan Sayyed

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