Angelina Jolie and the Weeknd enjoyed a nice dinner together in Los Angeles recently, but the pair have kicked up a whirlwind of rumors with this one appearance.

Fans have been wondering if there’s a spark between the two. While promoting her upcoming “Eternals” movie, Jolie encountered a reporter who sought to answer this question.

Now I have to know, Angelina, because your kids are at the age where they have opinions, so I have to know. Were they more excited that you were in The Eternals, or that you are friends with The Weeknd?

Jolie expertly evaded the question, not giving away any hints about her relationship with the singer, focusing on her upcoming movie instead.

They’re very excited about this film, if that’s what you’re asking.

While Jolie dealt with the question expertly and professionally, she couldn’t help but smile while answering it. It seems that fans will have to wait longer for confirmation. In the meantime, they will continue thinking something is going on as long as Angelina continues her trend of dodging questions about the famous singer.

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