Kevin Durant is undoubtedly one of the best basketball players in the league right now. He is in high demand as many teams want him. He has a list of multiple accolades and accomplishments that drive up his value constantly. Durant recently got compared to a NBA legend, by a former basketball player.

While speaking about Kevin Durant recently on a podcast, JJ Redick said that Durant is a modern version of Kobe Bryant. Redick has guarded Bryant in the past and he said that he sees a lot of similarities between the two basketball superstars. This is what Redick had to say on The Old Man and the Three podcast:

“Guarding Kobe Bryant was sort of like an exercise in futility. There was nothing you could do defensively to stop him. He was either going to make the shot or miss the shot. I feel as if Kevin Durant is the modern version of Kobe. There’s not a whole lot you can do to stop him. He’s got the handle, got the jumper, he’s got everything he can do.”

The Brooklyn Nets were able to pick up a win against the Philadelphia 76ers thanks to Kevin Durant. They were however met with a loss against the Charlotte Hornets with a score of 111-95. Durant is certainly going to achieve more in his career, and seeing comparisons like these from people in the industry just shows how good he is in the court.

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