Since the dawn of rap, artists in the genre have been flaunting bling and accessories in order to show off how far they’ve made it in society and of course in the music business overall. It would seem that Lil Xan is no different.

Usually, the aforementioned accessories should be as real as can be of course, but perhaps no one told Lil Xan about that. The rap star has been called out for flaunting fake watches on a recent post.

It was on the artist’s Instagram page that the photo was noticed, and although the average fan probably had no idea that the watches he was holding up to the lens were indeed fake, it would seem that an expert noticed that fact right away.

The rapper actually tagged watch designer Richard Mille in the post, but as it turns out, a popular page known as Fake Watch Buster put the rapper on blast, essentially exposing his wearing the fake watches.

The watches are reputedly worth in the high thousands of dollars, and can even sometimes be worth in the millions, as the post in response to Lil Xan suggests:

“@xanxiety in our opinion your wearing two fake Richard Mille,” the account captioned the photo. “The RM035-01 Rafa Nadal looks fake as well. A genuine RM11-03 Carbon NTPT worth approx 560K+ USD. A genuine RM035-01 worth approx 500k+ USD.”

Whether or not Lil Xan knew if the watches were real or fake remains unknown, but it looks quite simply like he was fooled by a fake article. There are many that have fallen for fakes in the past…especially Lil Baby, who blasted the jeweler that sold him the watch, apparently…he then received the proper restitution from said jeweler.

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Domenic Marinelli

Domenic Marinelli is an author and freelance writer/journalist. Some of his work has appeared in The Sportster, E-Wrestling News, Pro Wrestling News Hub, The Recipe,, Guilty Eats, Par Ex News, CFL News Hub, Daily DDT, XFL News Hub, as well as other print and internet publications. He is the author of Generic V, Summer of the Great White Wolf, His Old Tapes (stories & poetry), and so many others. He lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's an avid reader and loves hiking.

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