It would be an understatement to say that LeBron James has had one of the most monumental careers in the NBA. He is always up to doing something new and exciting outside of the court as well, particularly with a focus on fashion and sneaker culture.

LeBron James has worked with Nike for a long time and has worked with many designers there, Jason Petrie being the one he has worked with the most. The senior footwear designer is head of “Team LeBron” and he revealed on Sneaker Legacies just how much input LeBron James has on his sneakers.

“He is a great partner and at this point, he is like a core designer. The acumen has gone up and up every year. He is by far the best athlete I have ever had the opportunity to work with, as far as like going back and forth and being able to just send something or send a little text or, like you know, show a drawing or show a rough sample. You know, like he is a pro at that at this stage.”

LeBron is in a lifetime contract with Nike that he signed in 2016. It rumored to be worth more than a billion dollars. Initially, he had signed a seven-year $90 million endorsement deal with Nike in 2003. He was only 18 then. This made him the highest-paid player in the NBA.

It would be interesting to see what other designs Nike comes up with for the “LeBron James line.” After knowing from the designer himself that LeBron works like a core designer for the shoes, it would certainly raise the value of the sneakers in the eyes of LeBron fans since the look has a personal touch of the player.

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