There will be wedding bells in the near future for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, at least according to J. Lo’s former publicist Rob Shuter.

Shuter worked with Lopez a few years back and is making the rounds to promote his new book titled “The 4 Word Answer: Who Are You In 4 Words?”, which explores life lessons he learned from working with some of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood. Shuter predicted to FOX News that Lopez and Affleck will be getting married soon as their love never really got away.

Shuter wrote the initial breakup statement from several years back, and said he felt really sad at the time. He believes Lopez and Affleck are meant for each other, but it was just the wrong time. Shuter adds that now is the right moment for them, which Lopez and Affleck seem to agree on.

I think it’s really exciting. I think those two are so special. [I believed] they would have always been together. It always felt to me that their love never got away. I was with her writing their [initial] breakup statement that went around the world – I wrote that statement. And when I was writing it, it just felt really sad. Celebrity breakups are usually matter-of-fact, but this one made me sit down for a moment, before I hit send I just felt this genuine moment of sadness because I felt like these two were meant for each other. I believe they had the right love, but it was the wrong time. There was always something special about them. And I think now is the right moment for them. So I’m really happy that they’re back together.

The Hollywood power couple dubbed “Bennifer” originally began dating in July 2002 and were engaged that November, after originally meeting on the set of the “Gigli” movie in 2001, while Lopez was still married to Chris Judd. She filed for divorce from Judd not long after, and then went public with Affleck.

Lopez and Affleck postponed their September 2003 wedding just says before the date, and then called off the engagement in 2004. The relationship was rekindled during the pandemic as they were first spotted spending time together again in April of this year. They made their red carpet return as a couple at the Venice Film Festival in September.

Shuter insists Lopez and Affleck’s romance has always been the real deal, and that this time they have a strong chance of lasting as a couple.

I don’t think there’s enough energy used [as a publicist] to protect those relationships [in Hollywood] that are legitimate. There’s a lot of celebrities who are in real relationships but the pressures of the job and life come along and ruin it. That’s not unusual for regular people too… And now everyone wants to know all the details, what’s going on in these relationships, what they’re doing in private. I hope now that Jennifer and Ben take some time for themselves. Back when they were together, they were on every cover of every major magazine, week after week, but that hasn’t happened now. The public is still interested in Bennifer, but the world’s media has changed in the last decade. People are now consuming the news on the internet. I’m not diminishing their star power, but that same pressure isn’t there. It’s not as high risk. So they can enjoy themselves.

Reports say that the 49-year-old Affleck and the 52-year-old Lopez have been spending as much time together as possible since their respective splits from Ana de Armas and Alex Rodriguez earlier this year. Shuter believes this is a strong sign we will hear wedding bells for the two soon.

I don’t think either of them would be this open about being back together if they weren’t serious. When I worked for Jennifer, she was the boss. I should have been paying her because she runs the show. You may have opinions. She will listen to them. But at the end of the day, she makes her own decisions. And I think this is the case here. Jennifer would not be letting us see them walk together in the park or on the red carpet if she didn’t see a future for them. They could have easily met quietly, dated on the side and had some fun together. The world would have never known about it. But the fact that they’re allowing us to see this tells me it’s serious.

Lopez has been quiet about her relationship with Affleck. She did indicate how things are going during a recent Today Show appearance when she noted, “Love is never more relevant than it is right now.”

What do you think of Bennifer’s chances this time around? Should they give it another go and tie the knot?

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