Penn Badgley often runs from the comparisons that fans draw about him to his on-screen persona Joe Goldberg. Fans are always fanning over the persona of the ‘You’ lead actor, who plays a deranged yet charming sociopath.

The series is nearing its season 3 premiere on Netflix, and fans are more hyped about it than ever. Even Cardi B fangirled over being referenced by Badgely, stating that she is essentially “famous famous now.” Badgely is glad to see such excitement over his show, and now he is doing it more in character.

The Twitterverse manifests discussions over any sort of hype. In the case of the season 3 of ‘You’, fans having been tweeting about it incessantly. When one fan tweeted to Badgely “Ayoooo kidnap me,” Badgely couldn’t help but say that if you combine both “ayoooo” and “kidnap me,” it gives off a unique vibe.

Penn Badgely plays the character as naturally as he can, so much so that it has people hooked left and right. However, he wondered while talking to US Weekly about why that kind of content grabs the attention of people. Perhaps the answer lies in You season 3 itself, which is streaming on Netflix.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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