Bobby Shmurda’s fans have been waiting for a new album from him for a long time. He recently let his fans know that it’s almost time for his album to drop, revealing that the new album is on the way. While on to the hype train to the release, Shmurda shared a video snippet from his second single but the reaction from fans might not be what he expected.

The video for the single titled “Trapping is a Sport” showcases Shmurda’s dance moves with a little bit of “twerking” as he can be seen moving his hips from side to side. Fans aren’t happy with what they are being shown so far, with comments critical of the rapper’s dance moves reaching thousands of likes on the video.

“Trappin is a sport yea yea nd she call me lil daddy,” reads the caption of the post, showing Shmurda dancing while rapping about threesomes and trapping. He is also seen on a speedboat with multiple women in the video.

The snippet of the song in itself got attention too because it sounds different from Shmurda’s usual stuff. Most of the comments were directed at roasting his dancing, however.

“Can we get the old Bobby tf is this 🤷🏽‍♂️,” reads one of the top comments on the video. Another fan added, “Y u keep shakin ur hips like that b.”

The comments fetching thousands of likes and replies clowning on him shows that whatever Shmurda is doing right now, is not going over well with his fans at all.

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Rayan Sayyed

Rayan is a freelance news contributor with an emphasis on entertainment and sports. He has extensively covered pro wrestling events and happenings from the music world since 2017. Aside from wrestling, Rayan is also into all things anime, manga, and horror movies. Is also a self-proclaimed connoisseur of K-pop girl groups.

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