Dana White has had to deal with a lot of interesting personalities as president of the UFC. After a controversial decision regarding the signing of a new talent, White’s dirty laundry with fighter Jon Jones is also beginning to surface.

Jones has experienced an incredible fall from grace in the world of MMA. Jon defended his UFC light heavyweight crown fourteen times. His life outside the Octagon has been haunting him as of late. Jones faces accusations of domestic violence.

An interview with Triller co-founder Ryan Kavanaugh on MMA Fighting recorded back in September has revealed some interesting details. Kavanaugh claimed that White’s controlling UFC contracts effectively banned him from taking on Georges St-Pierre in a boxing match on the video sharing and streaming platform.

Triller has been featuring pay-per-view events headlined by celebrity boxing matches. Recently Jake Paul announced he was leaving the platform for the more lucrative and professional Showtime Boxing.

Looking for something new to draw viewers to their fledgling service, Triller wanted to schedule a fight between the two MMA legends. Kavanaugh recalled his trouble in making the match during the interview.

“Indentured servitude is not allowed in the United States. Yet Georges St-Pierre, who is officially retired from the UFC and has made it very clear he will never fight in MMA again, isn’t allowed to get into a boxing ring and make probably one of the highest paydays that he would get to fight someone he considers to be on his bucket list because Dana White says he can’t. That’s just wrong.”

Triller has become known for their outrageous and often gimmicky events. Donald Trump appeared at a recent boxing event for the company. They have also invited former Presidents Clinton and Obama to attend future fights.

Should Jon Jone be allowed to box for Triller? Let us know your thought in the comments!

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