Bill Belichick had one of the best stints as a coach in the NFL. During his time with the Cleveland Browns from 1991 to 1995, he faced a lot of criticism. The team’s performance reflected a record of 36-44 record. The team still made the post-season one time in 1994, but that was not what fans found praiseworthy.

Belichick’s time as the coach of the New England Patriots, without Tom Brady, is considered his worst performance the coach ever. The team had a record of 9-13, with their percentage being worse than Belichick’s stint with the Browns. However, the real source of criticism comes from how Belichick rationalizes his bad decision.

The coach was asked about his decision to not letting his offensive players let loose before the first half by 98.5 The Sports Hub. It should be noted that the Patriots had the lead with 14-10 before the second half. Belichick revealed, to everyone’s disappointment:

We were getting the ball to start the second half.


Belichick’s answer lit a flame among the fans in the Twitterverse. Many called him cowardly and spineless, while criticizing his inability to take the risks necessary to win. However, it were his decisions in the overtime which fully landed him in trouble.

In a situation where the offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels would have helped the team get their downs and carry on the winning streak from there, Belichick’s decision to get a punter involved simply led to a catch by the Cowboys. As you can see, the decisions are definitely questionable and Belichick should feel the full weight of them if he wants to get his groove back.

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