Jon Jones usually makes the news for all the right reasons. However, he’s been in the news due to domestic violence charges against him. He was arrested after one of his children sought the help of the hotel’s administration to call 911. The police also added that his fiancée’s face was swollen and showed signs of impact.

Jones and his family were staying at the Caesars Palace when the police came around. The fiancée accused Jones of pulling her by the hairs, but didn’t accuse him of hitting her, despite the blood on her clothing and the marks on her face. Jones was also hit with a battery charge as he (allegedly) headbutted a police vehicle.

Jon Jones’ arrest has tainted his legacy and his future in MMA. While he has denied all the accusations, he did say that he is willing to turn his life around. He stated that going off alcohol will be a major part of it. Jones recently found himself so disconcerted over the negative coverage he received that he lashed in her DMs. Amy Kaplan of Fansided MMA posted the screenshot on Twitter.

First of all you literally look like a witch. Second of all keep my girls out of your mouth. You have no clue what’s normal to them. You’re disgusting over there judging someone else. Fuck off.

The fighter will have a court hearing on October 26th. As long as the case will remain on going, it’ll be unlikely for fans to see Jones duke it out with other MMA fighters in the Octagon. Jon Jones also stated recently that it was his past trauma that led to the events which landed him in trouble.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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