After losing her phone in the back of a New York taxi, former Saturday Night Live star Molly Shannon was a little bit panicked. Who wouldn’t be? What are the odds of a safe return of said phone? It’s like a needle in a haystack when you consider how busy NYC cabs can be.

Shannon’s needle in the haystack turned into a fun celebrity encounter for Vincent Zurzolo and his partner happened to be returning from the New York Comic Con at and hopped into the fateful taxi. The errant phone began to ring. Zurzolo answered the call.

The phone was recovered, but the fun was just beginning. The couple and the actress celebrated the reunion between actress and phone with a quirky TikTok video featuring a cameo by the “Superstar” herself.

Shannon felt like there must be more to the meeting. She said that it was very serendipitous, and that there must be a reason the trio met.

Zurzolo and his partner clearly had a blast with the whole thing. Kudos to them for doing the right thing and returning Molly’s property, which she thought was gone forever.

Shannon reflected on her moment of panic, stating, “This has never happened to me because I am very reliable with my phone. But it must have spilt out of my purse. And I was panicked. I got back to my hotel and did the ‘Find My iPhone’ and seeing my phone on 33rd Street, I’m like ‘I am never going to get it back.’”

Molly Shannon will star opposite Zach Braff, Florence Pugh, and Morgan Freeman in the upcoming film A Good Person. After her encounter with her two saviors, she ought to know a thing or two about good people!

What would you do if you randomly found a celebritys lost cell phone? Let us know in the comments!

Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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