Cardi B went to Paris Fashion Week and raised a lot of headlines. While some were regarding her astounding outfits, others included the special gifts she received during her extremely eventful journey.

The artist recently gave birth, and while she is still in her mom-body phase, fans are not leaving her alone. As if that’s not a huge enough problem, the artist has been dealing with a legal situation which is nothing short of annoying to her.

Kevin Brophy, the man who has sued Cardi B for featuring his body ink on her album art, has protested the artist going to Paris Fashion Week. Cardi B explained that she cannot go to trial given how she’s not supposed to go to arduous trips. However, Brophy highlighted that going to Paris Fashion Week should count as a risky trip.

Cardi B explained that going to Paris Fashion Week wasn’t exactly a three-week trek to California. It was a work trip for her, and much more fun than a whole trial. It should be considered that Cardi B is mother to a newborn and a three year old daughter. B’s explanation is spot on, and so is her dedication to her work.

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