WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder’s rivalry are one of the hottest things to come out of boxing in recent memory. The two duked it out on October 9 at T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada. Both the performers gave it their all in the match which was highly praised.

Fury revealed that Wilder did not want to show any sportsmanship after their boxing match. Wilder also accused Fury of cheating before the fight by having horsehair inside his gloves. He alleged that this would be done to reduce the amount of padding and help hit a harder punch. However, he didn’t listen.

“I was telling them they were wrong because the thing about the horse hair is that over time the horse hair can spread, and if it spreads the horse hair gets thinner, that way you only feel that small padding that’s under the horse hair.”

Wilder told 78SportsTV, via DailyMail, that the official and him both got into it and eventually the official said that if he wants to be on the same playing field he can wear the same gloves as Fury or get another selection of gloves. Wilder said, “Okay, let me get my [Everlast] MX.”

WIlder ended up losing the match. After the match, Fury responded to his allegations and called Wilder a sore loser. He said that he’d be surprised if WIlder every boxes again.

“I’m sure he’ll have a lot of excuses to make, he always does, he’s a sore loser. He had Everlast MX on, I had Paffen Sport on, the gloves were the same. His trainers were in the changing room yet again, they checked everything, there were no queries. He got beat fair and square and that’s all she wrote for Deontay Wilder. I’ll be surprised if he boxes ever again.”

This would not be the first time Wilder made such accusations regarding gloves against Fury. It’d be interesting to see if Wilder responds back to Fury’s comments.

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Rayan Sayyed

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