Birdman vs. Cash Money & Lil Wayne was a battle that was witnessed by the whole world. While Lil Wayne gained the majority support, Birdman was left with a tarnished public image.

Lil Wayne and Birdman have come together again, which has been great for Birdman. However, he doesn’t want people to chime in on the conflicts he had with Lil Wayne, even if the contributions they’d made to the matter regarding the artists’ Universal deals were four years ago.

Irv Gotti appeared on Complex’s Everyday Struggle back in 2017, and he dropped a lot of details about the arrangement Birdman and Lil Wayne had worked out. He revealed that Birdman dropped a lot of money in Lil Wayne’s pocket as part of their 90/10 deal.

I heard Universal, every few years, cuts them n***as $100 million. Slim and Baby got it. That’s why I said, I was like, ‘Yo, fuck it, n***a. [Lil Wayne] deserves it.’ It’s not like the n***a said, ‘Hey, I’m your son. Give me money.’ This n***a deserve it, yo.

Birdman apparently only recently happened upon the clip, and said ripped into Gotti for disclosing these details. Birdman emphasized on the idea that one should keep to their own business, although his language was a little bit more aggressive. You can check out the clip down below.

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