Woody Harrelson had a physical altercation with a person Wednesday night at the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC. The man is protective of his family and not afraid to get physical.  

NBC news reports that Harrelson, 60, was out with his daughter on the hotel’s rooftop when the incident took place. As per reports, a seemingly intoxicated man began taking pictures of the duo upon their arrival on the rooftop of the facility. 

Harrelson allegedly entered into a verbal argument with the guy after asking him to delete the existing pictures and not to capture anymore. The verbal argument turned into a scuffle when the man “lunged” at the actor, according to the Metropolitan Police Department. 

Police reports said Harrelson punched the man in an act of of self defense. The man retreated to his room soon after the scuffle. Investigators said the incident occurred sometime after 11pm, adding that actor won’t be facing any charges. 

Harrelson recently starred in “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” and is currently shooting in DC for HBO’s upcoming project “The Watergate Plumbers.”  

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