Nelly has claimed that he is the only rapper from his era that made it without a cosign and support.

Nelly won the “I Am Hip Hop Award” at the 16th annual BET Hip-Hop awards event this week. The Austin-born rapper in his acceptance speech said that he’s the only rapper from his era that made it without any backing unlike the other big name rappers.

Nelly name-dropped Eminem and said that he had Dr. Dre with him unlike him, who had no one. He also named others like 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, and Kanye while talking to VIBE.

“I never had a cosign. You know what I’m saying? Nobody stood on stage and put their arm around me,” Nelly said. “Nobody gave me a feature. Nobody put a chain around my neck. I got thrown in the deep end and was told to swim. We hear today and I always want to thank bet for allowing Nelly the honor and pleasure of being visual on their platform, all the way from, you know, day one.”


Nelly later had an interview with ESSENCE and doubled down on what he said. He said that there was no one to stand up for him and people showed him love but he had no support from any other rapper. He said that one cannot name a successful rapper from his era that didn’t have a co-signer, except him.

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