Shannen Doherty has won big against the State Farm which was liable to pay her damages. After a wildfire had spread out of control and damaged Doherty’s Malibu estate to a substantial degree, she tried to get compensations from the State Farm.

Doherty was denied of her pursuits to gain compensations, and resorted to suing them. As per a report by Associated Press, a federal jury from Los Angeles announced the verdict that the State Farm not paying the Charmed star “unreasonable and without proper cause.” 

The L.A. jury ended up awarding the 50-year old actress a total of $6.3 million for her struggles. Doherty’s lawyer, Devin McRae, gave a statement to A.P. saying that:

We thank the members of the jury for their thoughtful consideration of Shannen’s case. We are happy they saw the case the way we do. This should send a message to State Farm and other institutions that they should not forget they are dealing with human beings.

The State Farm company was sued on the basis of lacking sympathy, considering that Doherty had just gotten diagnosed with cancer back then. Later on, Shannen revealed that she had “stage IV” cancer on  Good Morning America after filling the lawsuit.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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