Joaquin Phoenix is one of the most eclectic actors in the Hollywood. While the Joker star has been around since the 90s, he’s still kept himself relevant and trendy. The 46-year old actor has led movies such as Her or Joker, both of which are considered one of the best to many.

The actor is a part of many highly-anticipated flicks, one of which he is currently promoting. Phoenix went to the New York Film Festival with his head shaved in the middle while his hair on the sides were all grow.

Phoenix covered his head while being in a Q&A for his upcoming flick “C’mon, C’mon.” Many think that this is not the cause behind his unusual hairstyle, however. Ari Aster, who is the mind behind refreshingly thrilling horror flicks such as Hereditary and Midsommar has Phoenix in his upcoming movie.

Disappointment Blvd.” will be a “comedy-horror” and as per IMDB, it will be based on “one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.” While “C’mon, C’mon” will be a noir film set in the 50s about a radio journalist, not much is revealed about the Ari Aster flick.

Many big names such as Parker Posey, Nathan Lane and Patti LuPone will be in the film. Michael Gandolfini, who filled his father’s shoes in The Many Saints of Newark by playing a young Tony Soprano will also be in the film.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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