Bobby Shmurda’s fans are eagerly waiting for a new album from the rapper for a long while and it is almost time, according to the rapper himself. He shared a video of himself dancing with his friends, revealing that the new album is on the way.

“Wen yu almost done mixing the album,” reads the text on the video, while the caption of the post says, “Bobby new album otw.. it’s almost done mixing”.

After his release from prison, many fans were under the impression that Bobby Shmurda would drop new music as soon as he got out. The rapper said that he needed time to breathe after being behind bars for so many years.

He did tease some of his stuff but was met with harsh criticism. Some fans even asked Bobby Shmurda to go back to prison because they hated what he showed them so much. However, he trended big after previewing some music at the Rolling Loud music festival.

He was spotted in August recording something and many fans have come to speculate that it was for a music video. With news of the album being ready to drop soon too, Bobby Shmurda’s fans won’t have to wait too much.

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Rayan Sayyed

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