Seinfeld is perhaps one of the greatest comedy shows in history. While the fans essentially never want to be done with the series, they’ve had problems with its reruns ever since 2008.

Netflix purchased the rights to stream Seinfeld and the show was made available of the platform today. While the fans rejoiced on the fact that the show was finally on the platform for streaming, Netflix made the classic mistake of not keeping the aspect ratio as same as the original.

Seinfeld had an original aspect ratio of 4:3, just as it was recorded. For an enhanced quality, Seinfeld’s aspect ratio was changed in the CBS re-runs to 16:9. While the Netflix version offers a 4K resolution, the problem is that fans have to compromise between a better quality and seeing all of the content.

A comment on Reddit also illustrates exactly how much of the frame is being cut off because of the difference in aspect ratios. Fans have been anticipating the Netflix release of Seinfeld, but with such a compromise, they had to find other sources for the original cut.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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