Cardi B is one of the most fashionable artists in the game. She’s been showing off her insanely stylish outfits on Instagram to her millions of followers. While she’s been rocking outfits from designer brands such as Mugler and Schiaparelli, Cardi B has more in her “bag.”

The WAP rapper took to Twitter in order to reveal to her fans that she had been gifted a Hermés Birkin Bag and some very pretty flowers. Cardi B appreciated the honor she received and posted a video. In the video, she said:

Wow people in France are sooo lovely. I can’t believe DemDem got me a Birkin and the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. I was in such shock. Thank you very much.

Cardi B went on to wonder about the courtesy that was extended to her. She wondered if French people are inherently courteous, and then added that French people are “nice and sweet.”

I don’t know if this is like French courtesy, but like, French people are just so nice and sweet. Every time I come to my hotel I have sweets and candies, but a Birkin?!

Birkin Bags are a rarity even amongst celebrities. Floyd “The Money” Mayweather spent a whopping $80,000 on four Birkin Bags, while Cardi B herself spent $48k on a Birkin bag a few months ago.

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