Eminem is often a target for a lot of people. He even had some Gen-Z’ers recently try to cancel him. Now he’s under fire once again and Family Guy is taking the shot.

Family guy is not afraid to sling shade wherever they like for the sake of satirical humor. The show is still running and their September 26th episode included a direct shot at Slim Shady.

During the episode, “LASIK Instinct,” Lois promoted a product by Eminem. While in the ICU, she pitched a product for Eminem that had nothing to do with his music.

Please make sure to try out our new colonic partnership with increasingly irrelevant rapper Eminem, the Eminenema. It promises to clear out 8 miles of mom’s spaghetti. It goes in slim clear and comes out slim shady.

That “increasingly irrelevant” line is probably the funniest part of the entire bit, because it is 100% not the case. Perhaps the Family Guy writers put down their Marshall Mathers records, but the rest of the world is still picking up their albums as many more fans are discover his deep catalog of music.

This isn’t the first time that Family Guy tried to poke holes in Em’s boat. In 2014’s “Baby Got Back,” Eminem was also a part of that episode. Eminem also promoted his 2009 album “Relapse” by doing bits with Stewie Griffin in a variety of segments on Fox’s animation domination.

You can check out the new shot from Family Guy below.

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