Devin Booker has been going through a lot lately. After Team USA’s performance in the Tokyo Olympics and his holidays with girlfriend Kendall Jenner, Booker revealed to fans about some very bad news.

Booker revealed to fans over a Twitch stream that he’s been suffering from COVID-19 for about a week now. He said that it’s not really that bad, but he has lost his sense of smell and taste. While playing Call of Duty, he revealed to his fans:

I got the ‘vid, man. Honestly, I’m feeling straight, man. Only thing that I’m dealing with is no taste, no smell. Which is the worst part of it. But, I’m about a week in. I’m going to be back in no time. No time.

The 24-year old NBA player who has been dating Kendall Jenner said that he’s going to recover pretty soon. Booker travelled all over the world and there’s no word on whether he was vaccinated or not. However, he added that you can get COVID-19 even with the jab taken.

Kendall Jenner recently revealed that her niece Stormi has a huge crush on Devin Booker. Jenner and Booker took their relationship to the next level, while they were very close as is.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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