John Cena is a veteran of the pro wrestling world and his advice should be treasured by everyone. This also creates an invaluable opportunity for those who get to pick his brain, even if the advice Cena gives might be a bit over their head.

Someone like John Cena can speak about pro wrestling in ways that few can. He lived and breathed the business for so long, learning from greats along the way.

While speaking to After the Bell, NXT Superstar Odyssey Jones brought up a time he got to speak to John Cena backstage and ask him what he was thinking. Some of that sagely advice admittedly went over Jones’ head, but the lessons he was able to team him during that short experience will last forever.

“I’m fortunate, a lot of my dark matches were with Austin Theory. He’s a protégé, the kid is the truth. He’s awesome, and working with him was definitely good for me. I haven’t even been working [in wrestling] for three years yet, so for me to go to the back and the feedback is different. There’s not a lot of people on the [main] roster my size who are working my way, so the feedback is a bit different.”

“To hear the mindset and psychology from people like John Cena, and Edge, and even Seth [Rollins]. The things they say is huge, even from psychology in the match. I remember being in the back in Gorilla with John Cena prior to his first promo back. I was actually in the dark match before, which is insane itself. I asked him what’s he thinking, and he instantly looked at the screen and jotted off so much stuff.”

“Some of it went over my head, and maybe I’ll get to catch him one day. Some of it got in and one of the things that seeped in was hearing the crowd chant. Before the show, you heard the crowd chant, some Cena sucks, others say let’s go Cena, so you started hearing them chant. He instantly started rattling off [stuff]. I’m not going to give out all the tricks because not everyday do you get to talk to John Cena.”

“He started rattling off, looked at the screen, instantly popped up and saw people that I didn’t see. I figured my eyes would be younger and fresher than his, but I don’t have the eyes that he has for what we’re doing. He instantly just went boom, boom, boom. ‘Look at these kids here, look at this guy there, he’s wearing my gear so I’m going to know…’ I’m like, oh my god, this is insane.”

Odyssey Jones is set to be a featured performer in NXT, and he’s only getting started. We’ll have to see what’s next for him, but those words from John Cena will undoubtedly stay firmly planted in his brain for years to come.

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Transcription by Wrestling Inc

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