The Rock has a face that not many people would mistake for anyone else, but everyone has a look-alike. An Alabama cop recently made headlines by looking like the Great One, and another company is taking advantage of that craze.

A moving company in Ireland is now promoting that a Rock look-alike will help you move. This is quite a deal, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to have someone that looks like Dwayne Johnson help you out. This Rock look-alike is a pretty spot-on resemblance as long as you don’t look at his face.

CBR reports that the company “My Baggage” is advertising that The Rock will help people move. This service is far-reaching as it promotes “This vast and varied experience means that he has plenty of advice to offer you about moving house or venturing abroad while he efficiently removes your luggage from your home.”

A half-day of service is $500, and a full day will run you $750. The service also allows for “‘The Rock’ to text you with updates about your baggage”

The advertisement also pokes fun at the situation a bit by saying, “Speaking of Fast and Furious, apparently, the films were named after The Rock’s luggage removal technique, but you didn’t hear that from us.”

The post mentions “Australia, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, or elsewhere” as possible relocation areas, indicating “The Rock” will help clients move worldwide. We’ll have to see if this extra promotional tactic helps increase their business.

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“If you notice that your ‘Rock’ looks more like his long lost cousin, try not to be too disappointed. Let’s be honest, it’s the closest you’ll get to him.”

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