Falling In Reverse’ frontman Ronnie Radke does not take to heckling lightly. The 37-year old, who is currently dating WWE superstar Paige, took to thoroughly confronting the heckler.

Radke took notice of the audience member who was wearing a t-shirt saying “F*CK RONNIE RADKE.” He asked for where did he go off to after seeing him on stage, and confronted him.

Where’s the guy in the ‘F*ck Ronnie Radke’ shirt? He saw me and then he pulled it down. You do not want the f*cking snake homie, I will beat your f*cking ass. This is not Twitter.

The heckler was an older man, which meant that he failed to understand what such a heckle meant for others closer to Radke. Ronnie stated that he has an 8-year old daughter attending the show as well. He continued:

I’ve got my 8-year-old daughter standing right there. Have some respect for you, us, yourself and everybody else man. It’s disrespectful. You’re a misled motherf*cker and you’re too old to be doing that shit. You should be f*cking ashamed of yourself man.

Ronnie Radke’s post-hardcore band Falling In Reverse released their last album in 2017, titled Coming Home. The band also featured Paige in one of their music videos. Last year, Radke personally went off on Triple H on Twitter after he made jokes against Paige in bad taste.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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