Kayla Sessler, the Teen Mom star. recently revealed that she is getting an abysmal amount as alimony to her 3-year old son. Sessler was with Stephan Alexander, but after they went their separate ways, Alexander is paying the least amount possible as alimony for her children.

The Teen Mom star took to tweeting about how little Alexander has been paying as alimony. This came as a reaction to one of her fans tweeting at her about how much Alimony he’s been paying.

Stephan could have at least put his $42 in child support payment in the damn card.

Sassler then shed some light on how even $42 is almost 4 times more than what it Alexander has been providing. Sassler tweeted:

It’s only $11 now

In March 2018, a court order Alexander to pay “temporary child support in the amount of $124 per month,” according to The Sun. However, the amount was then reduced to $40 later on, now of which he only pays $11.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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