Randy Couture is one of the veterans of the MMA world. He’s had quite a prolific career, and his opinion on new talent matters a lot. As Gable Steveson is headed towards WWE, Couture has a lot to say on how he would fare in the UFC.

The 23-year old Olympic Gold Medal Winner for wrestling in the Tokyo Olympics became one of the most desirable athletes to many. Couture appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, and revealed that he thinks Steveson would have “a few sides to the coin.”

He obviously has wrestling skills. When it comes to grappling, there are a few sides to the coin. A lot of these jiu-jitsu guys are very comfortable on their butt, or their back, and very adept at finding ways to get you out of position, and submit you from there. I think that is something Gable would have to get used to, which is putting himself on his back and learning to operate from there. He’s amazingly athletic. Obviously, he does the backflip (as a celebration routine after his victories). I mean, how many guys that size can do that?

Couture also noted that Gable is ridiculously athletic for his size. He added that if he is given enough time, he can figure out exactly how to get his ground game right. Couture said that striking will become second nature to him.

He’s ridiculously athletic. If you give him enough time, he’s a diligent enough guy to figure it out. I think the striking will come second nature to him. He can pick that up like every other wrestler I know, and be adept enough to get his hands on guys and make them wrestle him. And then his opponents are going to have a real problem.

Randy Couture recently revealed that The Expendables 4 has a crazy script. The former UFC fighter also blasted Conor McGregor for not standing up for UFC fighters getting more pay. He also said that UFC is using the Vince McMahon model.

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