Bhad Bhabie is one of the most controversial figures in recent pop-culture. The cash-me-ousside celeb has been getting her rap career in line. She even joined OnlyFans and made $1 million off her content in a couple of hours.

Bhabie is getting ready to drop her song “Miss Understood” on September 17th, and she did so via Bhabie music. The artist launched her new label, and she credits Kanye West for motivating her and many other artists for doing that.

Kanye brought a lot of attention last year to artists owning their masters. I feel lucky to be 18 and now I get to own mine going forward. I have my own platform to get my music out to my fans.

The rapper told Variety that it was Kanye West for empowering many people. She also ended her 4-year long relationship with Atlantic Records after getting famous off the Dr. Phil appearance.

Signing a deal when you aren’t established, artists don’t really understand that labels get to approve you doing features and have basically total control on when and if your music comes out. Not to mention they keep like 80% of all the money that comes in. It’s pretty fucked up. … I’m finally ready to put out music I want on my own terms.

Bhabie recently revealed her secrets about getting cosmetic surgery. She got back at her haters for bodyshaming her. The 18-year old rapper dropped a hot pic in a bikini in order to prove her haters wrong.

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