Kanye West released DONDA, and the 27-song mammoth of an album is stacked with features. From Jay-ZFivio Foreign, The Weeknd and the controversial DaBaby & Marilyn Manson, the album is a celebration of all the trending rappers currently.

Lil Yachty also appeared with Kanye West on the album, but he is also responsible for another collaboration on the album. Yachty is the one who made the Kid Cudi feature on DONDA on the song, “Moon.”

Yachty revealed on one of his streams while playing Skate 3 that the story of Kid Cudi featuring on Moon came through Kanye’s listening party on TikTok. He revealed to his viewers:

I’ll tell y’all a true story. So I was on TikTok, right? And when the first listening party happened, they took the excerpt from ‘Moon’ and they played it … Me and everyone in the comments [on TikTok] was like, ‘Damn, man! Kid Cudi would sound great on this!’ So I hit up Vory. I said, ‘Vory, man. Cudi gotta get on ‘Moon.” He hit Ye and then Ye got Cudi, he hit Cudi. And that’s how Cudi got on ‘Moon,’ ’cause he wasn’t on there originally.” Yachty then joked, “Y’all can thank me.

Kanye West brought Lil Yachty on his listening party while unveiling a super villain look. However, he was dragged by Bhad Bhabie for not having as much money as her. Yachty got death threats for talking about 2PAC & BIGGIE.

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