Kanye West is surely one of the most established rappers of all time. While he’s definitely not the most respected one as many such as Drake, Soulja Boy and T-Pain beef with him, he’s still considered one of the GOATs.

Rick Ross, who is currently promoting his book The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire, talked with Today. He revealed that Kanye always comes out at the top whenever there are any beefs in the industry.

Kanye has mastered the art of manipulating media and making amazing music. That combination, it’s no telling where it will go. And I feel like if someone really feels Kanye is insane, they’re crazy.

Ross also shoots down an accusation on Kanye, saying that his presidential campaign was solely there to fuel his brand. He added that this is why Kanye liked former POTUS Donald Trump, or liked the Kardashians.

All of this [shit] was for attention, and it didn’t really matter if it was positive or negative attention because his brand grew either way. Live Fast, Die Young” collaborator. That’s why he liked Donald Trump. That’s why he loved the Kardashians. It all made sense now.

Rick Ross recently called Drake the greatest rapper, even though he’s praising Kanye West at the moment. The rapper also has a massive cRick Ross Boasts Collection Of 100 Cars Despite Not Having A Driver’s Licensear collection while he has no driver’s license.

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