The Game is one of the most controversial figures in rap. The rapper often makes jokes at other’s expense, but he has been dealing with a heavy sexual assault case on the daily.

Priscilla Rainey filed a sexual assault case against the rapper. She participated in VH1 dating show by The Game She Got Game. Instead of finding love, she found herself getting sexually assaulted by the rapper on many instances.

Rainey fought the case and a court declared that the rapper has to pay her $7 million. However, the rapper is of a different school of thought. As he refused to pay the money, a judge ordered for his finances to be seized. As a result, he lost $2,176 from his CashApp, which will be sent to Rainey as payment.

The Game recently came to Lizzo’s defense as a result of her getting bodyshamed. Him and Snoop Dogg happened to have a very similar take on the Milk Crate challenge.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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