Elton John is a veteran in the music industry. The 74-year old legend still keeps up with the current torch-bearers. Elton John decided to school Ed Sheeran, another massive popstar of this generation, in the realm of fashion.

Ed Sheeran revealed recently to The Sun that when he was clueless about what he’d be wearing at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards, Elton John came to his rescue. John sent Sheeran to Donatella Versace, where he got his iconic blazer from, which he rocked at the function.

It’s weird, I’ve always hated suits and they make me feel uncomfortable — and yet something like this makes me feel all right because it’s so out-there. Elton hooked me up with Donatella Versace and I thought, ‘Let’s go for it! It’s a big night and it’s great to be back out, so why not?’

Sheeran was lucky enough to dress for the occasion, as he ended up bagging the Solo Artist of the Year award. He revealed that he took to FaceTiming John before he showed him the result. The popstar also revealed that John had been getting bored of Sheeran’s poor fashion choices, but intervened this time.

Before I came tonight I FaceTimed Elton to show him the results. He’s been slagging off my boring wardrobe for years. I’m not really a fashion guy but I’ve had to start to show an interest – he loves it. Elton approved — it’s very him.

Sheeran owes a lot of his success to his icons. He recently said that Eminem changed his life. He announced his new album back in February, which has been since then decided to be called ‘=’. It is marked for a release of October 29th.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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