Farrah Abraham’s time at Harvard University didn’t amount to what she expected at all. The reality television star thought she was going to get an Ivy League education, but she was booted from her online courses instead. Now she is threatening a lawsuit.

Abraham posted her transcript from the university to prove that she attended. Then fans noticed that she only signed up for two classes this summer and didn’t receive a single credit.

Now the former MTV star, who was booted from Teen Mom 2 after she did a NSFW cam show against the network’s orders, is at it again. Farrah Abraham is raging and took things to another symbolic level.

It looks like she got into the initial school spirit by purchasing a Harvard University sweatshirt. That is the only piece of Harvard merchandise we’ve seen her sporting, so it might have been a light purchase. Abraham doesn’t have that sweatshirt anymore, because she set it on fire as a gesture toward the school and her quest for metal health.

She took to her social media and set the sweater ablaze. She also included a caption reading: “Thank you therapists my mental health is more important then educational abuse I feel better now.” Yes, she wrote “then” instead of “than,” so maybe Harvard wasn’t for her anyway.

You can check out the video below. Now Farrah can concentrate her efforts on other matters, like suing Harvard for educational abuse. Odds are enough attorneys walked Harvard’s hallowed halls that they have a powerful legal team on their side. So, good luck with that, Farrah.

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Aaron Varble

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