Bhad Bhabie is doing all that she can to shut down her haters. Earlier this month, Bhabie handled her haters who have been labelling her to be “too skinny.” The 18-year old who gained her fame from her appearance in Dr. Phil has been under attack right and left, and she might be giving into the hate as well.

Bhabie’s reaction to getting called “too skinny” was constantly blasting fans & told them that she weighed 87 pounds, which is considered a healthy BMI for her height. However, it seems she’s taking a different approach now.

The rapper’s fans and haters mostly communicate with her on Instagram. When one fan asked her “I need to kno what surgery she got,” she actually responded with a precise answer.

Nothing has ever worked for me. I’ve tried silicone shots and sculptra it don’t stick and I don’t think I got enough silicone but trust me when I do find something that will work you will know Bc imma have a big ass bootyyyyy.

Bhabie also dropped a bikini pic earlier this month in an attempt to shut up her bodyshamers. She even raged at Airbnb for denying her a room, and threatened them with a lawsuit. Even though she is dealing with a lot of bodyshaming, she still rocked herself on the cover of Inked Magazine.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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