50 Cent is one of the biggest legends in rap. Despite the rapper tending to his entertainment company and new projects, it seems he wants to jump out of his rap-retirement. There was a time when Eminem & 50 Cent released many tracks together. We might be returning to that era for the very last time, as Fif teases a final collaboration with Slim.

Fif was part of an interview with People, when he talked about Nas x Eminem‘s “EPMD 2.” He said that he wrote some of his own rhymes after listening to it. Fif said that Eminem is the one who always inspires him to write.

When Em does something that stands out to me, it’s special. He just had a performance on Nas’ album, and it made me want to record again because of my connection to it. He sounded so good that I was like, I gotta write something. I feel like I’m still in it. Even if I don’t share it with the general public, it forced me back into writing, going to the studio and recording something.

Fif still nodded when he was asked with a possible collaboration between himself and Eminem. However, when they asked him when such a collaboration would be possible, he said “Probably not.”

50 Cent still has his beefs in line though. He recently got back at fans giving him shade for his acting skills. He’s currently teasing his new series ‘BMF’ which features both Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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