The Matrix trilogy blazed a path that action films try to replicate to this day. The trilogy will add another film to the saga with The Matrix Resurrections. New details have emerged thanks to a recently revealed trailer at CinemaCon.

This new trailer, that has yet to be publicly released, shows Neo right back in The Matrix. He also has zero memory of anything from the first three films. This blank slate was hinted at in the closing moment of The Matrix: Revolutions, because everything seemed to restart.

Neo eventually takes blue pills to help deal with his stress and he notices that everyone is addicted to their cellular devices. Then he meets Trinity, but they don’t remember each other. Scenes are flashed of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in what seems like a Morpheus role, Neo waking up, and then a training sequence.

We gather from the new trailer that the machines are back in the real world, and they’re out to destroy all humans. Laurence Fishburne is also noticeably absent as Morpheus.

This sneak peek at the new Matrix movie is sure to only excite fans more. Hopefully the wait won’t be long to see the actual trailer.

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Aaron Varble

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