Actor Val Kilmer is one of the luckiest people in the world as he survived throat cancer. However, that didn’t come without a cost, as the actor revealed that he strugged to even breathe or eat. The actor took to reveal all this delicate information in his documentary, “Val”.

The actor’s long battle against cancer lasted 6 years. He is finally cancer-free at 61 years of age. Kilmer took to a lot of methods to beat his cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and even a risky tracheotomy which had a permanent negative impact on his throat and voice.

Kilmer’s documentary will be available on Amazon. Being a co-directed effort from Leo Scott and Ting Poo, Kilmer, his 26-year old son Jack and his 29-year old daughter Mercedes produced the documentarian effort. Scott & Ting Poo told People that:

We approached him three years ago. I’d worked with him on his ‘Cinema Twain’ project, and when he couldn’t tour the play ‘Citizen Twain,’ he was touring a film of the play, so I was working with him on that and some other projects, too, archiving his footage.

He doesn’t have the vanity that you would expect from someone of his fame and celebrity. There was never any of that kind of artifice or protection that people who are really famous have to put up around themselves. It’s humbling to be around that.

Val’s documentary received a standing ovation from critics and the audience at Cannes Film Festival. With the documentary ready to release, Val’s story will get recognition which it’s supposed to.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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