The 20-year anniversary of Aaliyah’s death is today. However, the pre-planned ceremony which was organized to celebrate the life of the artist isn’t going to take place. The decision comes from Aaliyah’s mother, Diane Haughton, who cancelled the ceremony to stop someone trying to publicize their book through it.

Aaliyah was 22 when she passed her. Her Cessna 402B plane had just left the Bahamas after Aaliyah had shot a music video. Her plane was said to be overloaded, and it suffered the crash on Aug. 25, 2001. 

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16th, 1979, and she was only 22 when she passed away. Aaliyah’s mother took to the late-popstar’s Instagram page in order to make the announcement of calling off the memorial.

First and foremost, I want to thank my dear ‘Special Ones’ (The Fans) that have been with us for years and supported every endeavor that came our way without hesitation.

However, due to the behavior of an individual that has been to Aaliyah’s resting place in order to promote a book, I have been forced to make a drastic change at Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum.

This person interrupted all my thoughts and ideas to make August 25th, 2021 a day of remembrance and love for my daughter. Please accept my sincere apologies for this and know I love you and always will.

The grieving mother concluded the message by saying that “Aaliyah’s life will still shine no matter what.” While her mother hasn’t named the creep who tried to give his book some unwarranted publicity, his actions clearly had a negative impact.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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