Kid Cudi has lost his best friend in the entire world. The rapper’s dog and best friend Freshie had been a companion to him for more than ten years. Having been through thick and thin with Freshie, Cudi had a deep emotional connection with him.

Cudi and Freshie first came together at the set of HBO’s How to Make It in America. The rapper sought to feel comfortable around dogs, and Freshie ended up making a deep impression. Him and Freshie became close, and the relationship was strong and thriving even after ten years. Cudi revealed that Freshie “loved him.

He loved me. He really did. He came up and licked me if I was crying, he loved to lay in bed with me, he was always by my side or close by. He was my [guardian] angel. Nights I’d want to cut myself, I’d see Freshie and I couldn’t do it. He would stare at me when I would have a knife to my stomach, eyes glaring at me telling me to put the knife down. My life will be a lil more empty with him gone.

The Man on the Moon III rapper revealed that Freshie passed away at home. He was surrounded by his friends, family and loved ones. Cudi said that he even “felt his last breath.

I told him he was a special boy, my best friend, that he was perfect, and that I loved him and I’ll miss him so, so much. I felt his last breath.

Cudi took to posting a lot of Freshie’s pictures on Twitter. He revealed a picture of Freshie’s with LA photographer Pamela Littky. The rapper also changed his profile picture to a photo of Freshie’s. He’s all set to releasing the song titled “Freshie,” which was the last song recorded with Freshie in the studio.

Kid Cudi recently said that he was looking to hire an official blunt roller. The rapper also bought a $7.7 million crib, and has a song with Kanye on the rapper’s DONDA. Cudi also got involved heavily in a controversy after his appearance at SNL, and said that Kanye West would have his back.

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