Paul Wall is one of the most unique white rappers, but he’s still compared to rappers such as Eminem and Macklemore. Even though there aren’t many things common in between these artists, the comparisons keep swirling around.

These comparisons are all around Twitter once again. The white-rapper debate on Twitter is a recurring topic that trends every once in a while. Due to these debates, the Houston rapper has trended on Twitter twice in this year alone.

Wall is considered to be an original by many of his fans. A fan stated on Twitter that Wall “was the only white rapper that didn’t try to sound like Eminem.” That tweet went bananas online, causing many fans to chime in. In an interview with the Houston Chronicle‘s, Wall shared his thoughts on his comparisons with other white rappers.

Every time I see it, it’s always, like, amazing to me, just cuz I kind of stay relatively out of the limelight. To be honest, when I see that, the criticism is still valid. It’s kind of like a Hip Hop audit — and it’s not even just for Hip Hop. It’s just in general, in entertainment and just across the globe.

Paul Wall still has a lot going for him. As many fans on Twitter acknowledge his originality, many artists such as Kanye West, Bun B and Raekwon. Wall is hitting 40, so it’s fitting for him to get immense recognition for all his years of dropping quality music.

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