Brett Favre is doesn’t like the trend of youngsters taking big hits on the football field. He recently spoke out against it, and he also made it clear that 14 should be the soonest any kid should take a tackle.

The Hall of Fame QB spoke to TMZ Live about his stance on this issue. He was quite candid when explaining that his views are based on scientific evidence of concussions and long-term brain issues. Many sports are seeing this same issue, but football is naturally a harder sport on the body.

“What I was told basically is the human head is completely developed by age 15 to 18. And I may be wrong or off a little bit, but that’s what I remember.”

“And, so, even though the brain will continue to move around at impact at 30 or at 18, you give yourself more of a fighting chance by your head being more developed.”

The 51-year-old legend of a human being has been on a month-long campaign to raise awareness for this issue. He also emphasized that isn’t not calling to an end for football, or even youth leagues. He simply doesn’t want to see kids take a huge hit on the field, because it’s not safe for them to do so.

For the record, he also has three grandchildren who play youth league football. They haven’t taken a tackle yet either.

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Aaron Varble

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