Tim Tebow left the QB position and jumped over to the tight end role. All of that happened after a detour into Minor League Baseball. Tebow’s debut as a tight end for the Jaguars didn’t turn out too hot.

Many botched plays, missed blocks, and clunky movement were noticed. Twitter threw a storm at Tebow’s way, along with video evidence. The Jacksonville Jaguars certain got an attention-grabbing tight end, but it wasn’t for the greatest reason at all.

Chris Paul Towers posted a video of Tebow in action along with an insightful conclusion,

“I can’t tell if it’s when Tebow falls down on the block or when he gets up and immediately runs headfirst into a lineman that I find funniest in this play”

“Honestly, the Tebow block that went viral wasn’t even his worst block of the night. This was *the very next play* we’ve gotta get our jokes off, and we will, but it’s worth saying that this is just … bad for the team. The Jaguars have to make roster cuts by Tuesday and if he’s still around, I don’t know how you take that staff seriously.”

Shannon Sharpe tweeted out to add his critique, “‘IF’ his job was to seal, he used the wrong shoulder. Right shoulder to kick out, left shoulder to seal. It’s just going to take time for Tim to learn the nuances of playing the position.”

Looks like a 34 yr old who’s never had to block. And before y’all come to cape for Tebow. When the Jags signed a minor league baseball player who’s a former QB who hasn’t played in a game since 2012 to the roster to play TE… this is the scrutiny he will get,” Geoff Schwartz observed on Twitter.

This is just the beginning for Tim Tebow in this new position. You have to start somewhere. He might be best served with a ton of hours in the gym and hitting the field for extra practice.

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Aaron Varble

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