Don Cheadle is a widely respected actor, but his accomplishments on screen had nothing to do with why he trended today. Kevin Hart had Cheadle in for an interview and an incredibly awkward moment ensued.

Cheadle was trying to explain his influence toward the younger generation as he spoke to Hart To Heart. Then the War Machine actor revealed that he is 56-years-old. That brought out a bold and quick: “DAMN!” from Hart.

Don Cheadle stopped his sentence and gave Hart a very dirty look. “I’m sorry,” Hart immediately said. He apologized profusely, but Cheadle was still a bit irritated. “It came from a place of love,” Hart tried to explain.

Hart then attempted to backtrack and say “damn” once again with a different inflection. Cheadle shot back that Hart said “damn,” but that’s not the way he said the word. Obviously, this situation got tense.

Finally, Cheadle replied that they will let fans decide what he meant by “damn” when the episode airs. That is exactly what happened today as tons of fans are calling out this awkward moment. They also took the opportunity to share older clips from Cheadle’s incredible career.

Holly Robinson Peete, who is also 56, didn’t appreciate Hart’s quip as she tweeted out a clip from Hangin With Mr. Cooper featuring Cheadle along with, “THREAD: I never miss a good Don Cheadle trend opportunity to post clips from one of my favorite episodes of Hangin with Mr. Cooper His Bennie is just too good.” Then she included a middle finger emoji directed at the 42-year-old Hart.

You can check out the clip below and let us know what you think Kevin Hart meant by, “DAMN!”

Aaron Varble

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