Stephen Amell is known by the entire world to be one of the most physically accomplished actors out there. Each role he visits seems to require a certain type of physicality, especially in-ring action. As he carried the role of Arrow on CW for a whopping 8 seasons, he kept visiting the ring in WWE in order to establish that he is no stranger to the world of pro-wrestling. His role on Starz’ Heels is also one that required him to take plenty of bumps.

As Amell prepares for the world to see his role of Jack Spade alongside his on-screen younger brother, Alexander Ludwig, who plays the role of Ace in the series Heels, Amell is considering stepping back into a ring once again.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Amell confessed to having watched a ton of WWE content in order to prepare for his role in Heels. He wanted to learn the fundamentals of pro-wrestling from the greats.

I was able to go back and watch Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, and Harley Race and a lot of the older stuff from the South. I canvassed Cody Rhodes and found some stuff to watch. That was extremely helpful. Then when it comes to getting into character, sometimes it’s as simple as hearing your music hit and feeling the reaction of the crowd. I can’t say enough about the people we had as extras on the show.  They brought so much intensity and had to commit so much to this show as we shot during a pandemic. They were great. That was the prep there. It was on the page. It was all there. [Creator and executive producer] Michael Waldron did such a wonderful job crafting this world.

As he has given many appearances in the world of wrestling before, may it be at SummerSlam in 2015 when he took on King Wade Barrett and Stardust with Neville or battled Christopher Daniels at All In, he used all of the things he picked up to prepare for the role.

When I did stuff with WWE or Ring of Honor or AEW, it was always during the filming of Arrow, number one. Number two, it was always something I had to jump into really quick. This time around I got to spend some time and really focus on the basics. Locking up, hitting the ropes, developing a good punch, learning how to bump. Like really learning how to bump. If you’ve seen any of my matches, you’ll never see me take a flat back bump because I wasn’t confident enough to do it.

When it came to talking about whether he will be back inside a ring, he revealed that his “man-crush” Kevin Owens has been keeping it tight, and he’d love a mano-a-mano with him, should he ever get the chance.

My man-crush on Kevin Owens is alive and well. I love the way that guy works and the way he works a crowd. Cody and I have been circling a singles match for the longest time. I know that he’d take care of me and that we can tell a story in there. You’re going to have to convince my wife first ultimately.

As Amell is going to play his very pro-wrestling centric role in the upcoming series, it’s no surprise that he always has deep admiration and training for the art of pro-wrestling itself. Let’s hope that we get to see him at WWE or AEW soon.

Nitish Vashishtha

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