Dexter, starring Michael C. Hall, took the world by storm after premiering back in 2006. The show lasted 8 seasons and followed the life of Hall’s character, Dexter, who was a deeply damaged serial killer that murdered other serial killers.

After the disappointing ending to season 8, it was announced that season 9 will be airing this Fall. It will take place directly after the events of season 8. Original showrunner Clyde Phillips will also be involved in the revival. Phillips left the show after Season 4, and many consider that as the starting point for the show’s decline in quality.

While speaking to Forbes, Michael C. Hall admitted that he was relieved the highly criticized ending didn’t sour fans’ anticipation for the upcoming revival.

I’m gratified, thankful, and relieved? No doubt the way it concluded, if you can even use that word, at the end of the season proper was a way that was, at best, confounding to people. The fact that sense of being confounded didn’t completely sour people to the idea of finding out what the hell happens to the guy was something I’m very grateful for.

Dexter: New Blood is set to release on November 7th of this year on Showtime. We will have to wait and see whether it will right the wrongs of season 8 or not. Fans are certainly excited as they await what is next for their favorite serial killing serial killer.

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