Batista is politically outspoken, to say the least. His rants about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are quite legendary. Drax The Destroyer seems to be holding a lot of things against Florida Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene as well. He even called her a “low class skanky ho” on social media. Greene’s antivaxxer rants saw her suspended for a brief period on Twitter, and Big Dave Bautista was likely eating that up as well. Dave Bautista is one to hold grudges, and while he was strongly against the former POTUS and WWE Hall-Of-Famer Donald Trump, he decided to extend his conflict with the Republican Congresswoman.

On the occasion of Congresswoman Greene’s suspension from Twitter for a whole week, Bautista quote retweeted The Palmer Report’s tweet on the news and ended up letting his heart out on the issue.

Seriously how many times do you have to get suspended for the same sh*t before you’ve worn out your welcome? How many lies, how much hate, bullying, division, conspiracy theories, bigotry etc do you get to use a SM forum to spread before you get the boot? Ridiculous! #SMFH

This was a jolly moment for him to revel in. He had previously tweeted out in response to one of Greene’s rants to say: “What I want to know is who are the people that elected this low class skanky ho to represent them?”

It was another tweet made by The New York Times which he retweeted and then subtly criticized Twitter for not banning her permanently, given that it was her 4th strike.

4th strike? And she “could be barred forever” for another violation?

Greene has not responded to the former WWE Champion’s grilling tweets. The Animal might find himself facing a retort from her eventually. We can rest assure though, that he will comeback twice as hard.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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