Cardi B is not afraid to stand up for herself when needed, and that is especially true if someone wants to bring her pregnancy into the conversation.

The WAP rapper logged onto Twitter and she but a blogger on blast who besmirched her name. This blogger accused her of coming at other black woman in unfair ways. Cardi was replying to an audio clip from a podcast that included those accusations, and there was a lot to unravel in this situation.

See how people play victim. She claims in this video I randomly hoped on another black blogger dm & just call them delusional for no reason mind you I had to check that blogger cause as soon as I I announce my pregnancy they said I got pregnant for album-_-but I’m the bad guy !

That post also included a screenshot from direct messages, presumably from who runs the Black Tea Blog platforms. The blogger allegedly sent a scathing and accusatory messages which said: “It just seems so familiar … oh ima announce my pregnancy.. then ima drop my album .. You should be tired of mfs saying you do shxt for stunts, shows , sympathy & payola . This is why we feel this way . Feel how you wanna feel about me but I’m honest … but you know you wanna be respected in this game . Yeah you got … but it’s more than that . I kno you an ignoring these messages but you SEE em . Hmu when you wanna have a REAL conversation. I don’t kiss a**”

Cardi B replied during that DM communication, but her response was a bit cut off, “Who said anything about a album ? Ya are so thirsty you acting like you know my life …I can’t help I have sex wit my husband and get pregnant..when did I ever converse with you I thank you one time because you said some decent sh*t never did I spoke to you again.”

It seems that this controversy is not over. Black Tea Blog’s Twitter account was set to the private settings, likely due to the backlash over this controversy. You can check out the clip from their podcast that caused so much of a stir below.

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Aaron Varble

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